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Sega All Stars was Sega's budget series for the Dreamcast, similar to Platinum Hits, Greatest Hits, and Player's Choice, for games that have sold many copies. When a title became a Sega All Stars title, it was sold at a lower price ($19.95) and given reprinted labeling. Sega All Stars was exclusive to North America, game covers were given an orange bar (as opposed to Europe's blue color scheme) with the brand name written from top to bottom. The disc labels were also changed to include a small circle and the Sega All Stars brand printed inside of it. 17 titles were made into Sega All Stars titles. Also, in printing, original releases said "Sega Dreamcast" on the disc but the All-stars versions just simply said "Dreamcast" to match up games released with the black label like D2, Jet Set Radio, Sega GT, and Sonic Adventure 2. Original Dreamcast games were released in the white labels and said "Sega Dreamcast" on the inlay like the Sega All-stars labels.

List of Sega All Stars games[edit]