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Segal, and its variants including Segel and some families with Siegel, is a primarily Jewish family name.


The name Segal has been said to be derived either from Hebrew segan leCohen (assistant to the Cohens)[1][2][3] although a minority of sources claim that "Segal" is an abbreviation for segan le-kehunah (assistant to the priest) instead.[4] However, early appearances of the name as šēgal or šāgal in Palmyrene inscriptions suggest these are folk etymologies and its ultimately derivation is as a loanword from the Assyrian title 𒊩𒂍𒃲 issu ēkalli > (is)sēkalli "queen" (literally "palace woman"), borrowed from Akkadian into Aramaic and Hebrew as the divine and personal name שֵׁגַ֥ל, including in the Hebrew Bible (e.g. Psalm 45:9).[5][6][7]


Notable people with the surname include the following:









Mathematical concepts[edit]


  • Segal–Cover score, attempt to measure relative liberalism or conservatism of U.S. Supreme Court Justices.

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