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Parc del Segre
The flatwater canal at the Parc del Segre and the Cadí mountain in the background

Parc Olímpic del Segre is a canoeing and kayaking facility in La Seu d'Urgell, Catalonia, Spain, built in 1990 for use during the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.[1][2]

The competition whitewater course is 300 m long, with a 6.5 m drop, making a 2.2% slope of 114 ft/mile or 22 m/km. The natural flow of the Segre River is diverted through the course by a diversion dam upstream. In low flow conditions, four 300-kilowatt recirculation pumps can add up to 12 m³/s to the course flow, in order to increase it to the course maximum of 17.5 m³/s. When the course is not being used, or when the natural flow exceeds 17.5 m³/s, the pumps are reversed and run in turbine mode to generate electricity for the town.

A 130-metre beginners course is a diversion from the main course. Its drop is 1.5 m for a 1.2% slope of 61 ft/mile or 12 m/km. Streamflow for the beginners course is 3 to 10 m³/s.

The park also has a 650-m long feedwater canal which carries water from the river into the whitewater course. This canal is used for flatwater canoe and kayak training and competition.[3]

The ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships have been held at the venue twice, first in 1999 and then in 2009.

Whitewater Course Map[edit]

Arrangement of the slalom gates for the final kayak (K1) race of the World Championships, September 13, 2009.


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