Segugio Maremmano

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Segugio Maremmano
Segugio Maremmano.jpg
Origin Italy
Weight 13 to 23 kilograms (29 to 51 lb)
Height Male 48 to 54 centimetres (19 to 21 in)
Female 46 to 52 centimetres (18 to 20 in)
Coat Smooth or rough
Color Brown, black and tan, or brindle
Notes Recognized by the Italian Kennel Club
Domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris)

The Segugio Maremmano[1] is a breed of dog from the coastal plains of Maremma, in Tuscany. It is widely used for hunting wild boar. Tuscan breeders have selected the dogs for hunting ability and their appearances vary.

The breed is recognized by ENCI (the Italian Kennel Club). It has registered 6,600 dogs as breed founders, and the breed was the third most numerous breed in Italy in 2009.[2] Due to the large number of founders and the breed's genetic variability, the breed should enjoy relative freedom from genetic inbreeding. Most dog breeds are derived by a very small number of founders (for example just 9 dogs were used as founders during the creation of the Siberian Husky) and therefore inbreeding tends to be high, resulting in a high incidence of illness due to gene mutations.[3]

Males stand 48 cm to 54 cm at the withers and females 46 cm to 52 cm. They weigh between 13 kg to 23 kg. The coat is smooth or rough and comes in brown, black and tan or brindle.


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