Segundo, Colorado

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State Highway 12 as it passes through Segundo

Segundo is a small unincorporated community in Las Animas County, Colorado, United States,[1] west of Trinidad. The community was the second (Spanish: segundo) mining community developed by Colorado Fuel and Iron, hence the name.[2]

Segundo, Colorado, was a company town where the CF&I coal company housed its workers. It offered adequate housing and promoted upward mobility through its sponsorship of a YMCA Center, elementary school, and some small businesses, as well as a company store. However air pollution was a constant health threat; the houses lacked indoor plumbing. As demand for metallurgical coke declined, the mine laid off workers and Segundo's population declined. After a major fire in 1929, CF&I left town and Segundo became practically a ghost town.[3]

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Coordinates: 37°07′31″N 104°45′20″W / 37.12528°N 104.75556°W / 37.12528; -104.75556