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Segundo Blanco González (Gijón 1899 – Mexico 1957) was a Spanish anarchist.

He worked as a teacher, but, in his youth, he was persecuted, so he had to work in many different jobs, such as foreman builder. He was studying in night shifts at the same time. During Prime Minister Primo de Rivera's leadership of Spain he was responsible for the structure of the Asturias CNT section, and in 1926 he became the General Secretary of the CNT union. That year, he was imprisoned; he was imprisoned again in 1931 and 1934.

When the Spanish Civil War broke out, he presided over the Gijón's War Committee. Later, he became responsible for the Asturias and León Interprovincial Council, inside the Industry Ministry, and he was part of the War Committee, after its transformation into the Asturias and León Sovereign Council.

After the North Front was defeated, he fled to France and arrived to Catalonia. He was the Secretary of the Defense Council inside the CNT's National Committee. In April 1938 he participated in Juan Negrín's government, holding the Education and Public Health portfolio. When the war ended, he went into exile, first to the French city of Orléans, and then to Mexico, where he died in 1957.


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