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Sehdev is a surname.

Sehdev(Sadhiora) is a punjabi Mair Rajput caste.Also known as Punjabi Rajputs, spelled as Sahdev/Sadhiora/Sadhioura.They follow Hindu and Sikh religion.Their Kul Devi is Nandi Sati Mata,Who sacrificed herself as 'Sati' due to foreign enemy invasion,which was a tradition in those times. The 'Kul Devi Temple' is in Lasada village near Jalandhar, Every year there is a social gathering (Mela) organised in the temple premises,where all the community men gather and offer prayer in obeisance to Nandi Sati Mata.

Notable people with this name[edit]

  • Paramdeep Sehdev (born 1971), better known as Bobby Friction, is a British DJ, television presenter and radio presenter
  • Sangeeta Sehdev, presenter on Desi DNA
  • Jeetendra Sehdev,world leading celebrity expert.