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For the legendary Pandava, see Sahadeva.
Location Punjab (India), Rajasthan (India)
Branches Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Jaipur, Delhi
Language Punjabi, Hindi, English
Religion Sikhism and Hindu
Surnames Sehdev

SEHDEV (pronounced: seh-dev) is one of the many last names of early Punjabi Rajputs and Jat tribes that played an important historical role in Sikh history who later adopted Sikhism. They share their family tree with Mair Rajputs. Sahdev is a clan of the Rajput and Jat people and found in the states of Punjab and Rajasthan in India. During the Mughal era many Punjabi families followed the teachings of the Guru and were baptized as Khalsa and joined the Guru's order of followers. Many Punjabi Rajput families also enrolled in the Guru's Army, or (Punjabi translation) Khalsa Panth and baptized as Khalsa Sikhs, Sehdevs being one of them. Sehdev is a gotra and surname among Punjabi Rajput and Jat people of India.


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