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Sei or SEI may refer to:


  • Sei (album), by Brazilian singer and composer Nando Reis
    • "Sei", the title-song and first single from that album
  • Sei (film), a 2017 Tamil thriller film

Organizations and companies[edit]


Given name
  • Shō Sei (1497–1555), king of the Ryukyu Kingdom from 1526 to 1555
  • Shō Sei (r. 1803), king of the Ryukyu Kingdom in 1803
  • Sei Fujii (1882–1954), Japanese male immigrant rights activist in the United States
  • Sei Fuwa (fl. 1936), Japanese male footballer
  • Sei Hatsuno (born 1976), Japanese male writer of mystery and thriller novels
  • Sei Ashina (born 1983), Japanese actress
  • Sei Kawahara (born 1995), Japanese male figure skater
  • Indrek Sei (born 1972), Estonian freestyle swimmer

Other uses[edit]