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Sei Itō in 1954

Sei Itō (伊藤 整, Itō Sei) a.k.a. Hitoshi Itō (伊藤 整, Itō Hitoshi) (January 16, 1905 in Hokkaidō – November 15, 1969) was a Japanese poet, novelist, and translator.[1]

Life and works[edit]

His original name[citation needed] was "Hitoshi" (整, which is also read as Sei), but he changed it at an early point. In 1926 he was published for the first time with a collection of poetry. As his career progressed, he showed Western influences and in 1950 he caused controversy by translating Lady Chatterley's Lover into Japanese. In 1963 he won the "Kikuchi Kan Prize". His novels include The Life of Goro Tokuno and Town and Village. In addition he wrote a six-volume history of Japanese literature.[2]


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