Seibu Keisatsu

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Seibu Keisatsu
Replica of Super Z (スーパーZ) from the series.
Narrated by Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Country of origin  Japan
No. of seasons 3 TV series, 1 Special
No. of episodes 236
Running time 54 minutes
Original network TV Asahi
Original release October 10, 1979 – October 22, 1984 (Series)
October 31, 2004 (TV Special)

Seibu Keisatsu (西部警察, Western Police) is a television drama series produced by Ishihara Promotions (石原プロモーション, ishihara puromōshon) and broadcast on TV Asahi.


The series portrays the Western Police Headquarters Criminal Investigation Division's Sergeant Keisuke Daimon, played by Tetsuya Watari and his subordinates, dubbed the Daimon Force (大門軍団, Daimon Gundan), and their superior, Section Chief Kogure, played by Yujiro Ishihara, as they fight against Tokyo's underworld.

With its flashy, over-the-top explosion scenes, and car stunts, this series gained a reputation as a macho drama. It is representative of the police & detective dramas of the 1980s.


  • Seibu Keisatsu (10/14/1979 – 4/18/1982)
  • Seibu Keisatsu Part II (5/30/1982 – 3/20/1983)
  • Seibu Keisatsu Part III (4/3/1983 – 10/22/1984)
  • Seibu Keisatsu Special (10/31/2004)


During the 5-year course of the show, a total of 236 episodes were filmed, with roughly 4,680 cars being destroyed during the course of filming, 4.8 tons of explosives being used as well as close to 320 buildings destroyed.


Kogure's Nissan Gazelle. Seen next to it is the Super-Z.
The specially modified Nissan Safari from the show.

Nissan provided a wide variety of vehicles for the show, most notably for use as police vehicles as well as villain vehicles. The majority of the patrol cars in the show are a mix of Nissan Laurel, Gloria, Cedric as well as Skyline sedans. For vehicle wrecking scenes the 230 and 330 model Cedrics, Glorias and Laurels were mainly used; as the filming staff had strict orders not to damage any of the 430 model Cedric marked patrol cars.

The series also had several notable cars used by the main heroes, including RS Machines 1 to 3, all of which were based on the Nissan Skyline DR30 Turbo RS; as well as Machine-X, a modified Nissan Skyline 2000 TURBO GT-E (HGC211) used primarily by Chief Daimon. There was also Super-Z: a modified Nissan 280ZX 2+2 with gull-wing doors, turbocharger, nitrous, computers, and also quad 20mm guns mounted on the hood. More noteworthy vehicles include a 1980 Nissan Safari which was also heavily modified with a radar camera, computer and also a water cannon with a water pressure so high it was shown to be able to filp a car; and lastly a 1980 Nissan Gazelle convertible, which was Section Chief Kogure's personal vehicle. Being a motorcycle cop from the beginning of the series Eiji Hatomura (played by Hiroshi Tachi) used modified Suzuki motorcycles; in particularly a GSX1100 Katana, which was his character's favourite bike in the series.

Almost all of the special vehicles are as of today, preserved inside the Yujiro Ishihara Memorial Hall. The Safari is now in a Nissan museum.

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