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US arcade flyer of Seicross.
US arcade flyer of Seicross.
Platform(s)Arcade, NES
Genre(s)Shoot 'em up
Mode(s)Single player

Seicross, known in Japan as Sector Zone (セクターゾーン, Sekutā Zōn), is an arcade game developed and released in Japan and North America by Nichibutsu. Despite the original arcade being titled Sector Zone, Nichibutsu later ported it to the Famicom as Seicross (セクロス). This port was also published in North America for the Nintendo Entertainment System by FCI.


North American NES box art of Seicross.

During the game play of Seicross, the player rides a gliding motorcycle-like vehicle, bumping other riders, collecting power modules and collecting blue people who are stranded. A second area removes the riders and adds rough terrain, while the final leg features a battle with one or more Dinosaur Tanks, which launch their heads when destroyed. The sequence repeats infinitely, getting progressively difficult and changing backgrounds.

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