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Focus Striking
Hardness Full-contact; sport competitions include kicks to the head, but not hand strikes to the head
Country of origin Japan Japan
Creator Kazuyoshi Ishii[1]
Famous practitioners Andy Hug, Sam Greco, Musashi, Semmy Schilt, Masaaki Satake, Nobuaki Kakuda, Taiei Kin
Parenthood Kyokushin, Ashihara
Official website

Seidokaikan (正道会館?) is a style of full contact karate, or Knockdown karate, founded by Kazuyoshi Ishii in 1980.


First formed in 1980 by Kazuyoshi Ishii, a former Kyokushin Karate practitioner who began his training under Hideyuki Ashihara in 1969. In 1980 Ishii left Kyokushin to join Ashihara's new style and organization, but after only a few months he left to form his own style and the Seidokaikan organization. Seidokaikan arranged several successful challenge events against other martial arts organizations, loosely based on the Kyokushin Knockdown karate rules as SeidoKaikan also allows grabbing. In 1993 Mr. Ishii founded the K-1 organization as a kickboxing organization, with many students from Seidokaikan. Seidokaikan is world renowned and also has international dojos in many countries including Australia.[2]

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