Seif Palace

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Al-Seif Palace
قصر السيف
The old seif palace with clock tower in the background
General information
LocationKuwait city - Kuwait
Coordinates29°22′51″N 47°58′16″E / 29.38083°N 47.97111°E / 29.38083; 47.97111
Construction started1904
Renovated1909, 1964, & 1987
OwnerGovernment of Kuwait
The official website of Aldiwan Alamiri.
The door of the palace with the famous writing on top: "if it had lasted for others, it wouldn't have passed to you". It was placed in 1918.

Seif Palace (Arabic, قصر السيف) is a palace in Kuwait City, Kuwait. Located opposite the Grand Mosque, one of Seif Palace's best-known features is the watch tower, covered in blue tiles and with a roof plated in pure gold.[1] Local materials such as clay, rocks, limestone, wood and metals were used in its construction.


The tower of the Seif Palace received a direct hit from an incoming missile during the first Gulf War (1990–91), which destroyed the dial room. Smith of Derby Group replaced the iconic clock, and were the only non-US company to be awarded a contract in this reconstructive period.[2]

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