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7 päivää
Editor Eeva-Helena Jokitaipale
Categories Gossip, entertainment
Frequency 49 issues per year
Circulation 158,207 (2013)
Publisher Aller Julkaisut Oy
Year founded 1992; 26 years ago (1992)
Company Aller Media
Country Finland
Based in Helsinki
Language Finnish
Website www.seiska.fi
ISSN 1236-2409

7 päivää (Finnish for 7 days, also known as Seiska) is a Finnish entertainment and TV magazine published in Helsinki, Finland.

History and profile[edit]

7 päivää was first published in 1992.[1] The magazine is owned by the Aller Media and is published 49 issues per year by the Aller Julkaisut Oy, a subsidiary of the Aller Media.[1][2][3] It focuses mostly on sensationalistic interviews of celebrities and pays rewards for leads on stories. Central subjects for stories are weddings, divorces and other celebrity gossip. The magazine has also a TV supplement TV-Seiska.

Ilkka Janhunen is among the past editors-in-chief of 7 päivää.[4]


The circulation of 7 päivää was 265,400 copies in 2006.[3] It dropped to 246,800 copies in 2007.[5][6] The magazine had a circulation of 211,707 copies in 2010.[7] Its circulation fell to 197,607 copies in 2011.[8] The circulation of the weekly was 170,867 copies, making it the seventh largest magazine in Finland.[9] It was the fourth best-selling magazine in Finland with a circulation of 158,207 copies in 2013.[2]

2006 Lordi controversy[edit]

In May 2006 7 päivää caused a controversy by printing on its front cover a picture of Tomi Putaansuu, the lead singer of the band Lordi without his face make-up on, even though the band had requested – after winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 – that no pictures of unmasked band members be published. The picture caused a huge reaction among Finns, and in merely two days over 180,000 Finns had signed a pledge to boycott the magazine.[10] Some advertisers even withdrew their contracts with 7 päivää because of the event.[11] The magazine quickly apologized for the picture.[12] Katso also published some pictures, too, but it did not gain so much attention.

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