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Seiska -
Finnish Division 7
Number of Teams
Level of Pyramid
Promotion to
Finnish Football
League Structure

Veikkausliiga (Tier 1)
Ykkönen (Tier 2)
Kakkonen (Tier 3)
Kolmonen (Tier 4)
Nelonen (Tier 5)
Vitonen (Tier 6)
Kutonen (Tier 7)
Seiska (Tier 8)

Seiska or VII divisioona is the eighth level in the Finnish football league system and comprises 30 teams. The VII divisioona was introduced in 1973 and in the mid-1990s became known as the Seiska (Number Seven in English and Sjuan in Swedish). In theory, Seiska is the last league in Finland where a club can go all the way and become Veikkausliiga champions.


There are 30 clubs in the Seiska, divided in 2 groups of 15 teams, from the Helsinki district. During the course of a season (starting in April and ending in October) teams play each other once. The top teams in each Seiska group are normally promoted to the Kutonen.[1]

In the past there were more divisions and in the 1980s there was a lower tier VIII divisioona level. In 2002 Seiska comprised 5 divisions with 64 teams affiliated to the SPL Helsingin piiri.[2]

Notable clubs[edit]

Helsingin Palloseura[edit]

HPS Helsinki won the Finnish football championship (Mestaruussarja) 9 times and they also played in the European Cup, against Stade de Reims in 1958–59. In 1999 they were forced to abandon their place in the Kakkonen and reformed in Section 1 of the Seiska for the 2000 season. In their first season they finished in ninth place in their section and spent two more seasons at this level before gaining promotion at the end of the 2002 campaign under player coach Harri Hiltunen.[2][3][4]


District Football Associations[edit]

The Seiska is administered by one of the District Football Associations, the SPL Helsingin piiri.

Teams within the Seiska are eligible to compete in the Suomen Cup and the Suomen Regions' Cup. The clubs are normally listed in an abbreviated form and their full names can be viewed by referring to the List of clubs or the relevant District Association.

Current clubs - 2012 Season[edit]

- Lohko 1 (Section 1)
- Lohko 2 (Section 2)
  • Canona
  • Club Latino Español
  • Dynamo/2
  • FC Elite
  • FC POHU/Burros
  • FC Pakila
  • FC Spede
  • HPS/Jägers
  • HöySä
  • JP13
  • Kullervo/Überkleber
  • MoPo
  • PPJ/Taalerit


  • AFC EMU/Akatemia
  • Atlantis FC/RS
  • Dynamo
  • FC POHU/KurdFin
  • FC Viikingit/KoMa
  • FC Wartti/WB
  • HDS/Magnifiga
  • HerTo/3
  • HuPaVeikot
  • JFC Helsinki
  • Ponnistajat/2
  • Ponnistus/HePo
  • SUMU/7-7
  • Trikiinit



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