Seismological Society of Japan

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Seismological Society of Japan
Seismological Society of Japan (logo).jpg
Abbreviation SSJ
Formation 1880
Type Non-profit
Purpose the advancement of seismology

The Seismological Society of Japan (日本地震学会?, Nihon jishin Gakkai) or SSJ is a learned society (professional association) with the goal of advancing the understanding of earthquakes and other seismic phenomena.


John Milne joined James Alfred Ewing, Thomas Lomar Gray[1] and Thomas Corwin Mendenhall[2] in founding the Seismological Society in 1880.[3] These men were teaching at the Imperial College of Tokyo (now called the University of Tokyo)[1] and were foreign advisors to the government in Meiji period Japan (o-yatoi gaikokujin).[4]

The founding president of the society was Ichizō Hattori.[5]


The organization publishes the Journal of the Seismological Society of Japan (地震?, Jishin) abbreviated at "J Seismol Soc Jpn". The publication is also known as Zisin, which is a syllabic abbreviation.[6]



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