Nebula Mask Machine Man

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Not to be confused with Machine Man.
Nebula Mask Machine Man
Seiun Kamen Machine Man titlecard
Genre Tokusatsu
Created by Shotaro Ishinomori
Starring Osamu Sakuta
Narrated by Osamu Kobayashi
Composer(s) Yuji Ohno
Country of origin Japan Japan
No. of episodes 36 (35 episodes + 1 roundup)
Running time 24 minutes
Original network Nippon TV (NTV)
Original release January 13 – September 28, 1984

Nebula Mask Machine Man (星雲仮面マシンマン Seiun Kamen Mashin Man?) is a Japanese tokusatsu television series created by Shotaro Ishinomori and produced by Toei Company. It aired from January 13 until September 28, 1984. It revolves around the adventures of Nick (Nikku), a college student from the Ivy planet (located at the Pleiades) and his arrival on Earth to study the earthlings' behavior. Upon arrival, he is called in for the activities of the evil organization called "Tentacle", whose don, Professor K, wishes to eliminate all children in the world.

The series is rumored to have been inspired by American DC Comics superhero Superman, although this was never confirmed by either Ishinomori or Toei.


Travelling in the spaceship "Space Colony", Nick, with the help of his ball-shaped robot "Ball Boy", arrive on Earth to study the behaviour and manners of human beings for his doctoral degree thesis. Under the human identity of a young man named Ken Takase, he meets Maki Hayama, a photographer at Shukan Hit newspaper, and later saves her from a building fall. Maki was taking pictures for a scoop about a building which had been mysteriously demolished. Later, she and Ken find that the evil organization "Tentacle" is behind the demolitions and other evil deeds around the world. Nick then decides to extend his stay on Earth and uses his advanced technology and superior powers to protect his Maki and the children of Earth under the alter-ego Machine Man, a red and yellow suited superhero. Armed with an advanced technology weapons, he begins fighting Tentacle's cyborgs and protect humankind.

A few episodes later, Machine Man succeeds in dismantling Tentacle; however, Professor K flees to Spain and his niece, Lady M, appears. With her aide Tonchinkan, they establish a new organization called "Octopus". Like her uncle, she is allergic to children (whenever she is near one, her nose turns red). In the beginning, she calls up various thieves and legendary criminals from around the world, but later robotic drones are assembled to combat Machine Man. By the end of the series, the missing Professor K returns, bringing with him the biggest threat the hero had ever faced: Golden Monsu, a fortified version of Tetsujin Monsu.

Main characters[edit]

  • Ken Takase (Nick)/Machine Man (高瀬 健(ニック)/マシンマン Takase Ken (Nikku)/Mashinman?): the series' protagonist and main hero, Ken was born at the Ivy Planet and eventually graduated with a degree in Sociology. Upon arriving on Earth, his primary objective is studying human behavior and mannerisms in order to obtain his doctoral degree. However, upon meeting Maki and learn about Tentacle, he decides to stay longer in order to protect her and the children from Professor K's plans.
  • Ball Boy (ボールボーイ Bōru Bōi?): a baseball-shaped robot who is Nick's companion. Smart and clever, it usually serves as his friend, advisor and sidekick, to certain point. It is also used as a throwing projectile by Machine Man in battles, under the name "Fighting Ball". Ironically, Ball Boy says it does not have any information about baseball.
  • Maki Hayama (葉山 真紀 Hayama Maki?): a photographer and journalist at Shukan Hit newspaper. She is involved in a traffic accident with Ken and they eventually become friends. She instantly falls for Machine Man (exactly like Lois Lane and Superman) after being saved by him, but begins to fall in love with Ken a few episodes later.
  • Masaru Hayama (葉山 勝 Hayama Masaru?): Maki's 10-year-old brother. Usually serves as victim of Tentacle's invests and is saved by Ken/Machine Man.
  • Editor-in-chief Henshu (編集長 Henshū Chō?): The editor-in-chief of Shukan Hit, and Maki's boss.
  • Rumiko (ルミ子?): A member of Shukan Hit's junior editorial staff.
  • Kameta (亀太?): The greengrocer for the Hayama family.
  • Hiroshi (?), Saburo (三郎 Saburō?), Yutaka (?) & Misa (美佐?): Masaru's classmates, that were involved with the incidents of Tentacle and Octopus.

Criminal Groups[edit]


Tentacle (テンタクル Tentakuru?) is the organisation led by Professor K.

  • Professor K (プロフェッサーK Purofessā Kei?): The leader of the Tentacle criminal organisation.
  • Ironman Monsu (鉄人モンス Tetsujin Monsu?): A humanoid robot that serves as Tentacle's chief executive. In episode 19, Monsu was defeated by Machine Man.
  • Mechanical Parrot (メカオウム Meka Ōmu?): A robotic parrot created by Professor K, and can speak fluently.


Octopus (オクトパス Okutopasu?) is the succeeding organisation led by Lady M, after taking over Tentacle.

  • Lady M (レディーM Redī Emu?): The niece of Professor K, who made her appearance in Episode 20 after her trip from Spain. She renovated Tentacle's headquarters to form Octopus.
  • TonChinKan (トンチンカン Tonchinkan?)


  1. The White Textbook Case (教科書真っ白事件 Kyōkasho Masshiro Jiken?)
  2. Rainbow-Coloured Diamond Tears (涙は虹色のダイヤ Namida wa Nijiiro no Daiya?)
  3. Crush The Idol (アイドルをつぶせ Aidoru o Tsubuse?)
  4. Magical Stone Baked Potato (魔法の石焼きイモ Mahō no Ishi Yakiimo?)
  5. The Stamp Thief of Three-Hundred Million Yen (三億円の切手泥棒 San'oku En no Kitte Dorobō?)
  6. Me... Mama's Children? (私、ママの子供? Watashi, Mama no Kodomo??)
  7. Hong Kong Karate Dangerous Ken (香港空手危うし健 Honkon Karate Ayaushi Ken?)
  8. Secret Of The Baseball Boy (野球少年の秘密 Yakyū Shōnen no Himitsu?)
  9. The Moustache-Growing Girl (髭のはえた女の子 Hige no Haeta On'nanoko?)
  10. Telepathy Battle (テレパシー大作戦 Terepashī Daisakusen?)
  11. Unimaginable Part-Time Job (とんだアルバイト Donda Arubaito?)
  12. Children Are Disappearing (子供が消えていく Kodomo ga Kieteiku?)
  13. K's Look-alike (Kのそっくりさん Kei no Sokkurisan?)
  14. Ball Boy's Leaving Home (ボールボーイ家出 Bōrubōi Iede?)
  15. The Demon's Present (悪魔のプレゼント Akuma no Puresento?)
  16. Maki Hates Mice (真紀はネズミ嫌い Maki wa Nezumi Kirai?)
  17. Ironman Monsu's End (鉄人モンスの最後 Tetsujin Monsu no Saigo?)
  18. It's Nopperabo! (のっぺらぼうだ! Nopperabō da!?)
  19. Stray Dog Koro's Adventure (野良犬コロの冒険 Norainu Koro no Bouken?)
  20. Octopus Queen (オクトパスの女王 Okutopasu no Joō?)
  21. Rain Rain Fall Fall! (雨雨降れ降れ! Ame Ame Fure Fure!?)
  22. The Clown's Secret Commands (ピエロの秘密指令 Piero no Himitsu Shirei?)
  23. Interesting Funny Gun (おもしろおかし銃 Omoshiro Okashi Jū?)
  24. Showdown! The Ninja Thief (対決! 忍者泥棒 Taiketsu! Ninja Dorobō?)
  25. Challenge Of The Mummy-Man (ミイラ男の挑戦 Mīra-Otoko no Chōsen?)
  26. Scary! The Laughing Doll (こわい! 笑う人形 Kowai! Warau Ningyō?)
  27. Monster's Hands Swimming At Sea (海を泳ぐ怪物の手 Umi o Oyogu Kaibutsu no Te?)
  28. I Like I Like! Maki (好き好き! 真紀 Suki Suki! Maki?)
  29. Find The Pirate's Treasure! (海賊の宝を探せ! Kaizoku no Takara o Sagase!?)
  30. The Village Inhabited By The Red Demon (赤い鬼のすむ村 Akai Oni no Sumu Mura?)
  31. The Dangerous Gourd (危険なひょうたん Kiken'na Hyōtan?)
  32. Voice Of A Bird Called Conflict (争いを呼ぶ鳥の声 Arasoi o Yobu Tori no Koe?)
  33. The Dogs Have A Time Bomb (時限爆弾を抱く犬 Jigenbakudan o Daku Inu?)
  34. K and M's Winning Strategy (KとMの必勝作戦 K to M no hisshō sakusen?)
  35. Today Is Goodbye (さようなら今日は Sayōnara Kyō wa?)
  36. Collection Of The Fight Scenes (戦いの名場面集 Tatakai no Meibamen Shuu?) (Round-up episode)



Opening theme
  • "Seiun Kamen Machine Man" (星雲仮面マシンマン Seiun Kamen Mashin Man?)
Ending theme
  • "Ore no Na wa Machine Man" (俺の名はマシンマン Ore no Na wa Mashinman?, "My Name is Machine Man")
    • Lyrics: Saburo Yatsude
    • Composition: Yuji Ohno
    • Arrangement: Yuji Ohno
    • Artist: MoJo