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Meaningstar arrow
Region of originJapan
Other names
Related namesSeizō

Seiya (星矢) is a masculine name of Japanese origin. It is a common masculine Japanese given name.

Possible writings[edit]

Seiya can be written in Hiragana as せいや. In Kanji, it can be alternatively rendered as;

  • 星矢 "star, heavenly body of arrow"
  • 清耶 "pure, father"
  • 正夜 "correct, night"
  • 生八 "life, eight"
  • 成也 "successful, to be"
  • 声弥 "voice, extensive complete"
  • 盛哉 "prosper, how"
  • 聖野 "holy, field"
  • 世乎 "world, question"
  • 西椰 "west, coconut tree"
  • 征椰 "conquer, coconut tree"

People with the name[edit]

  • Seiya Adachi (安達安 星矢, born 1995), Japanese water polo player
  • Seiya Ando (安藤 誓哉, born 1992), Japanese basketball player
  • Asahifuji Seiya (旭富士 正也, born 1960), Japanese sumo wrestler
  • Seiya Baba (馬場 晴也, born 2001) is a Japanese professional footballer
  • Seiya Da Costa Lay (born 2001) is an Indonesian professional footballer.
  • Seiya Fujita (藤田 征也, born 1987), Japanese footballer
  • Seiya Hosokawa (細川 成也, born 1988), Japanese baseball player
  • Seiya Inoue (井上 晴哉, born 1989), Japanese baseball player
  • Seiya Kato (加藤聖哉, born 1994), Japanese footballer
  • Seiya Katakura (片倉誠也, born 1998) is a Japanese footballer.
  • Seiya Kinami (木浪 聖也, born 1994), Japanese baseball infielder
  • Seiya Kishikawa (岸川聖也, born 1987), Japanese table tennis player
  • Seiya Kitano (星矢 北野, born 1997), Japanese footballer
  • Seiya Kojima (小島 聖矢, born 1989) Japanese footballer
  • Seiya Kondō (近藤 誠也, born 1996), Japanese shogi player
  • Seiya Morohashi (諸橋晴也, born 1977) is a Japanese professional wrestler.
  • Seiya Motoki (元木 聖也, born 1993), Japanese actor
  • Seiya Nakagawa (中川 誠也, born, 1993), Japanese baseball player
  • Seiya Nakano (中野誠也, born 1995), is a Japanese football player
  • Seiya Niizeki (新関 成弥, born, 1999), Japanese football player
  • Seiya Sakamoto (坂本 清耶, born 1944), Japanese water polo player
  • Seiya Sanada (真田 聖也, born 1988), Japanese professional wrestler
  • Seiya Sugishita (杉下 聖也, born 1988), Japanese footballer
  • Seiya Suzuki (鈴木 誠也, born 1994), Japanese baseball player
  • Seiya Tomita (冨田 誠也, born 1996) is a Japanese professional shogi player.
  • Seiya Yamaguchi (山口 聖矢, born 1993), is a Japanese football player

Fictional characters[edit]