Seiyu Awards

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Seiyu Awards
Awarded for voice acting in Japanese media
Country  Japan
First awarded 2007
Official website

The Seiyu Awards (声優アワード Seiyū Awādo?) are award ceremonies for the recognition of voice acting talent (known as seiyū in Japan) for outstanding performance in anime and other media in Japan. The first Seiyu Awards were held on March 3, 2007 at the 3D Theatre of the Tokyo Anime Center in Akihabara.

Awards ceremonies[edit]

Ceremony Date Venue
1st Seiyu Awards March 3, 2007 Akiba 3D Theater
2nd Seiyu Awards March 8, 2008 UDX Theater
3rd Seiyu Awards March 7, 2009 UDX Theater
4th Seiyu Awards March 6, 2010 UDX Theater
5th Seiyu Awards March 5, 2011 UDX Theater
6th Seiyu Awards March 3, 2012 JOQR Media Plus Hall
7th Seiyu Awards March 2, 2013 JOQR Media Plus Hall
8th Seiyu Awards March 1, 2014 JOQR Media Plus Hall
9th Seiyu Awards March 7, 2015 JOQR Media Plus Hall


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