Seize the Day (novel)

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Seize the Day
First edition
Author Saul Bellow
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Viking
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover & Paperback)
Pages 128 pp

Seize the Day, first published in 1956, is Saul Bellow's fourth novel.


The story centers on a day in the life of Wilhelm Adler (a.k.a. Tommy Wilhelm), a failed actor in his forties. Wilhelm is unemployed, impecunious, separated from his wife (who refuses to agree to a divorce), and estranged from his children and his father. He is also stuck with the same immaturity and lack of insight which has brought him to failure. In Seize the Day Wilhelm experiences a day of reckoning as he is forced to examine his life and to finally accept the "burden of self."