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Sejo Sexon (born 7 June 1961 in Sarajevo) is the stage name of Davor Sučić (Bosnian pronunciation: [dâʋor sût͡ʃit͡ɕ]), Bosnian rock and roll musician, composer, actor and television director.

Initially using the pseudonym Elvis J. Spahović, Sejo was one of the founders of the New Primitivism movement in Sarajevo, where he co-founded the band Elvis J. Kurtović & His Meteors (with Elvis J. Kurtović), and was the lead-guitarist and co-author with the original setup of Zabranjeno pušenje. He also participated in the Top lista nadrealista - war edition TV show in episodes which were created and aired between 1992 and 1994 in besieged Sarajevo.

Even before his musical career took off, Sejo wanted to become a psychiatrist, which entailed first graduating medicine before starting psychiatry specialization studies. He thus enrolled at the University of Sarajevo's Faculty of Medicine, which he put on the back burner after starting to make a living through the band. He never completed his medical studies.[1]

After the Bosnian War he moved to Zagreb, Croatia where he lived for some time. Later he came back to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, his hometown, and continued one of the two later fractions of Zabranjeno pušenje (see Zabranjeno pušenje article for details).

In 2009, Sexon was a jury member together with Zele Lipovača, Davor Gobac, and Vinko Štefanac on Rat bendova, musical contest that aired on OBN.


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