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ex 29

Expressway No.29
Sejong–Pocheon Expressway
Route information
Length121.7 km[1] (75.6 mi)
Existed30 June 2017–present
Major junctions
South endAnseong, Gyeonggi Province
North endPocheon, Gyeonggi Province
Highway system
Highway systems of South Korea
Sejong–Pocheon Expressway
Revised RomanizationSejong Pocheon Gosok Doro
McCune–ReischauerSejong P'och'ŏn Kosok Toro

The Sejong–Pocheon Expressway (Korean: 세종포천고속도로; Sejong Pocheon Gosok Doro), is a expressway in South Korea, connecting Anseong to Guri, Seoul, Namyangju, Uijeongbu and Pocheon.

Construction on the Guri–Pocheon section was started on June 30, 2012, and finished on June 30, 2017.[2] It is a private investment project so the toll rates are cheaper than other expressways in South Korea. The highway operated is by the Seoul Northern Highway Corporation.
The Sejong–Guri section has been called Sejong–Seoul Expressway or 2nd Gyeongbu Expressway, and it is planned to reduce traffic congestion between Gyeongbu Expressway and Jungbu Expressway. The first section of Seongnam–Guri is Anseong–Guri section, was finished on April 25, 2017. The remaining sections between Anseong and Seongnam will be completed in 2022. The second section, Sejong–Anseong, will be started in 2020 and completed in 2025.

Currently the National Route 43, National Route 47 and Dongbu Expressway, which connects Pocheon and Seoul have many vehicles and traffic lights. This expressway has reduced the travel time between two cities from 1 hour 30 minutes to 40 minutes.

Main stopovers[edit]

Gyeonggi Province
Gyeonggi Province
Gyeonggi Province



  • S.Guri IC - Soheul JCT: 6 (30.46 km)
  • Soheul JCT - Sinbuk IC: 4 (14.14 km)
  • Soheul JCT - Yangju IC: 4 (5.94 km)


Tunnel name Hangul Location Length Opened Notes
Guri Tunnel 구리터널 Gyeonggi Guri Topyeong-dong 3,483.5m 2017 Pocheon-bound
3,605m Guri-bound
Jungnang IC Underpass 중랑IC 1지하차도 Seoul Jungnang District Sinnae-dong 140m 2017
Jungnang IC 2 Underpass 중랑IC 2지하차도 Seoul Jungnang District Sinnae-dong 3.3m 2017
Galmae Underpass 갈매지하차도 Seoul Jungnang District Sinnae-dong 100m 2017
Namyangju Tunnel 남양주터널 Gyeonggi Namyangju Byeollae-myeon 1,235m 2017 Pocheon-bound
1,255m Guri-bound
Jageum Underpass 자금지하차도 Gyeonggi Uijeongbu Geumo-dong 180m 2017
Chukseokryeong Tunnel 축석령터널 Gyeonggi Uijeongbu Geumo-dong 495m 2017
Igapal Underpass 이가팔지하차도 Gyeonggi Pocheon Soheul-eup 360m 2017

List of facilities[edit]

  • IC: Interchange, JCT: Junction, SA: Service Area, TG:Tollgate

Guri ~ Pocheon[edit]

No. Name Hangul Connection Location Notes
1 S.Guri 남구리 Gangbyeonbuk-ro Gyeonggi Province Guri
2 Jungnang 중랑 Bukbu Expressway Seoul Jungnang District Tollgate
TG Galmae-Donggureung TG 갈매동구릉 요금소 Gyeonggi Province Guri Main-line Tollgate
3 S.Byeollae 남별내 Songsan-ro Namyangju
SA Byeollae SA 별내휴게소 Pocheon-bound
4 E.Uijeongbu 동의정부 National Route 43 (Songsan-ro) Uijeongbu
SA Uijeongbu SA 의정부휴게소 Sejong-bound
5 Millak 민락 Millak-ro 298beon-gil
National Route 3 (Sinpyeonghwa-ro), Millak-ro
6 Soheul 소흘 National Route 43 (Hoguk-ro)
Prefectural Route 98 (Hoguk-ro)
7 Soheul JCT 소흘 분기점 Soheul ~ Yangju section
8 Seondan 선단 National Route 43 (Hoguk-ro)
Prefectural Route 56 (Hoguk-ro)
Prefectural Route 364 (Samyuksa-ro)
9 Pocheon 포천 National Route 87 (Pocheon-ro)
TG Sinbuk TG 신북 요금소 Main-line Tollgate
10 Sinbuk 신북 National Route 43 (Hoguk-ro)

Soheul ~ Yangju section[edit]

This section is officially opened as the branch line of Sejong–Pocheon Expressway. However, it is guided to the Capital Region 2nd Ring Expressway.

No. Name Hangul Connection Location Notes
1 Soheul JCT 소흘 분기점 Sejong–Pocheon Expressway (Main) Gyeonggi Province Pocheon
2 Okjeong 옥정 Prefectural Route 56 (Hwahap-ro) Yangju Yangju-bound Only
3 Yangju 양주 Prefectural Route 56 (Hwahap-ro)
National Route 3 (Sinpyeonghwa-ro)

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  1. ^ Guri–Pocheon 50.60 km, Anseong–Guri 71.10 km
  2. ^ '경기 중북부 대동맥' 구리∼포천 민자고속道 6월 개통, 연합뉴스, 2017년 2월 22일 작성.

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