Sekamaanya of Buganda

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Ssekabaka Sekamaanya Kisolo
Kabaka of Buganda
Reign 1614–1634
Predecessor Suuna I of Buganda
Successor Kimbugwe of Buganda
Born Uganda
Died 1634
Kongojje, Busiro
Burial Kongojje, Busiro
Spouse Nabakyaala Nabuuso
Father Mulondo of Buganda
Mother Namasole Nakku

Sekamaanya Kisolo, also spelled as Ssekamaanya Kisolo, was Kabaka of the Kingdom of Buganda between 1614 and 1634. He was the twelfth Kabaka of Buganda.

Claim to the throne[edit]

He was the youngest son of Kabaka Mulondo Sekajja, Kabaka of Buganda. His mother was Nakku of the Ffumbe clan, the only wife his father married. He ascended to the throne upon the death of his uncle, Suuna I, in 1614. He established his capital at Kongojje Hill.[1]

Married life[edit]

He married one wife, one Nabakyaala Nabuuso, daughter of Gunju of the Butiko clan.


Kabaka Sekamaanya was the father of Kabaka Kateregga Kamegere, the fourteenth Kabaka of Buganda, who was his only son.

Final years[edit]

He is buried at Kongojje, Busiro[2]

Succession table[edit]

Preceded by
Suuna I Kisolo
King of Buganda
c. 1614 – c. 1634
Succeeded by
Kimbugwe Kamegere

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