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Seke-Banza is located in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Coordinates: 5°20′14″S 13°16′40″E / 5.337327°S 13.2776486°E / -5.337327; 13.2776486Coordinates: 5°20′14″S 13°16′40″E / 5.337327°S 13.2776486°E / -5.337327; 13.2776486
Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Province Bas-Congo
District Bas-Fleuve
Territory Seke-Banza Territory
Population (2012 estimate)[1]
 • Total 6,286

Seke-Banza is a community in Bas-Congo province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is the seat of the Seke-Banza territory within Bas-Fleuve District.[2] As of 2012 the town's population was estimated to be 6,286.[1]

In June 2007 it was reported that the 22 kilometres (14 mi) road running north from Kinzao to Seke-Banza was in an advanced state of deterioration following torrential rains. The authorities were planning to raise money to fill the potholes through tolls.[3] As of November 2008 the road had still not been repaired. As a result, trucks and motorcycles could no longer transport food from the town, and the prices paid for produce such as cassava, peanuts and tarot had dropped by as much as one half.[4]


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