Sekonyer River

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Sekonyer River
Sekonyer River is located in Kalimantan
Sekonyer River
Country Indonesia
Physical characteristics
River mouth 2°46′37″S 111°42′49″E / 2.776942°S 111.713683°E / -2.776942; 111.713683Coordinates: 2°46′37″S 111°42′49″E / 2.776942°S 111.713683°E / -2.776942; 111.713683
Basin features
River system Kumai River

Sekonyer is a river in southern Borneo. Part of the river traverses the Tanjung Puting National Park.[1] Travel on the river is often done by klotok, an Indonesian riverboat.[2] The river includes orangutan habitat. The river is brown and murky.[1] Gold mining takes place along it.[1] It is a tributary of the Kumai River, and is fed by the Camp Leakey River.[1]


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