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The Seksarias are an industrialist family in India. It is one of the most well recognised and respected names in the Agrawal Marwari community in India today. Seksarias originally came from the district called "Sekhsar" in Rajasthan, India, hence the name "Seksaria".

The family's origins come from the early 20th century when they were considered stalwarts in industries like textiles, mining, printing, movie production, steel, equity markets, etc. An iconic figure in the family was Govindram Seksaria, who was formally called The Cotton King of the world. The New York Cotton Exchange has erected a ziggurat in his honor inside the office building.

Although the Nationalization Act had changed a lot for most of the original industrialist families in India, the Seksaria legacy still lives on among the young torch bearers of the family today and its family home (Haveli) in Navalgarh village in Rajasthan.

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