Sekunda do

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Sekunda do
Created by
  • Denis Kharitonov
  • Kirill Burdihin
  • Vitaly Bordachev
Country of origin
No. of episodes 8
  • J.Minzjanov
  • V.Bordachev
  • Vlad Rjashin
Original release August 2007

Sekunda do is a Russian-Ukrainian, mistique-fantastic TV-series from 2007.[1][2]


Six absolutely different people appear in a strange place. Player Gleb who has lost everything that had, including the life; woman-killer Violetta killed during performance of "order"; "grandfather" Igor killed by the young soldier for mockeries; addict Ekstazi who has died of overdose of drugs; the bride who has found the groom with the mistress and shot them (and); Oleg who has left the girl which has died at the time of delivery, and being drunk running on the car in a tree. The archangel explains to them that all of them have been pulled out from a reality in last second before… Henceforth they — «angels on the contract» to which the chance to correct the life if they carry out all tasks of the Archangel on good making in harm correction is given. They can interfere with a current course of events to correct critical situations and to rescue people.

To prevent a dangerous meeting of florist Lera with gangsters. To convince the soldier-fugitive with the automatic gun which in a primary reality was killed by some persons, not to do nonsenses and to do without bloodshed. To scare away difficult teenager Anton the bad company of addicts which will kill him …

And in parallel curious mulatto Emma causes the Devil who in shape of peaceful old man Leonid Semenovich already walks the streets cities. On the same streets the vagrant artist with the face of the Christ.

And with each new episode the situation becomes complicated. For destinies of all protagonists, it appears, only the rate in an apocalyptic bet of the Archangel and the Devil …



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