Mampong Municipal District

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Mampong Municipal District
Municipal District
Districts of Ashanti
Districts of Ashanti
Mampong Municipal District is located in Ashanti
Mampong Municipal District
Mampong Municipal District
Location of Mampong Municipal within Ashanti
Coordinates: 7°4′N 1°24′W / 7.067°N 1.400°W / 7.067; -1.400Coordinates: 7°4′N 1°24′W / 7.067°N 1.400°W / 7.067; -1.400
City-State  Ashanti
Capital Mampong
 • District Executive Haruna Opong-Boateng
 • Total 2,345 km2 (905 sq mi)
Population (2015)
 • Total
Time zone Greenwich Mean Time (UTC+0)
 • Summer (DST) GMT (UTC)

The Mampong Municipal District, formerly the Sekyere West District is one of the twenty-seven (27) districts of Ashanti. The Mampong Municipality capital is Mampong.

Towns and villages[edit]