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Selçuk University
RectorProf. Dr. Mustafa Şahin
Member ofEUA
ColorsDeep yellow, black, ice blue

Selçuk University (Turkish: Selçuk Üniversitesi) is state-owned higher educational institution, which was founded 1975 in Konya, Turkey.


Selçuk University started education in the academic year of 1976-1977 with two faculties. Faculty of Science and Faculty of Literature, 7 departments, 327 students and 2 permanent lecturers. Selçuk University has significantly improved the state of a modern university by its physical structure, technological equipment and social-cultural facilities in recent years with rapid development of new campus.


Selçuk University is carrying out educational activities at 22 faculties,[3] 1 State Conservatory[4] and Application Centers. Selçuk University has nearly 85,000 students[2] and a population of approximately 3,900 academicians and administrative personnel. Former faculties in Niğde, Karaman and Aksaray were separated from it in 2000s (decade).



  • School of Physical Education and Sports
  • Akşehir Kadir Yallagöz School of Health
  • School of Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Beyşehir Ali Akkanat School of Tourism and Hotel Management
  • School of Foreign Languages

Vocational school[edit]

Graduate schools[edit]

  • Graduate school of Education Sciences
  • Graduate school of Health Sciences
  • Graduate school of Science
  • Graduate school of Social Sciences
  • Graduate school of Turkish Studies


President departments[edit]

  • Department of Atatürk Principles and Revolution History
  • Department of Turkish Language

Research and application centers[edit]

  • Accident Investigation, Prevention and Application Center
  • Applied Mathematics Research and Application Center
  • Atatürk Principles and Revolution History Research and Application Center
  • Biofuels Research and Application Center
  • Computer Sciences Research and Application Center
  • Environmental Problems Research and Application Center
  • ESWL and Stone Disease Research and Application Center
  • Experimental Medicine Research and Application Center
  • Family Research and Application Center
  • Foreign Languages Research and Application Center
  • Konya History Research Center
  • Manufacturing Systems Automation and Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing, Research and Application Center
  • Mevlana Research and Application Center
  • Mushroom Research and Application Center
  • Seljuks Research and Application Center
  • Selcuk University Fisheries Research and Application Center
  • Selcuk University Continuing Education Application and Research Center
  • Research Center of Strategic Studies
  • Turkish Craft Research and Application Center
  • Turkish Folk Culture Research and Application Center

Additional units[edit]

University Hospitals[edit]


Name Years served
Prof.Dr. Ali Rıza Çetin (founding rector) 1975–1979
Prof.Dr. Neşet Çağatay 1979–1981
Prof.Dr. Mümün Köksoy 1981–1982
Prof.Dr. Erol Güngör 1982–1983
Prof.Dr. Süleyman Kadayıfçılar 1983–1984
Prof.Dr. Halil Cin 1984–1995
Prof.Dr. Abdurrahman Kutlu 1995–2003
Prof.Dr. Süleyman Okudan 2003-2011
Prof.Dr. Hakki Gokbel 2011–2016
Prof.Dr. Mustafa Şahin 2016–present

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