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Överselö kyrka 2011.jpg
Överselö Church on Selaön
Country Sweden
County Södermanland
Municipality Strängnäs
Location Mälaren
 - coordinates 59°24′N 17°12′E / 59.400°N 17.200°E / 59.400; 17.200Coordinates: 59°24′N 17°12′E / 59.400°N 17.200°E / 59.400; 17.200
Area 94.72 km2 (37 sq mi) [1]
Sweden - Selaon.PNG

Selaön is the largest island in Mälaren, Sweden, and covers 95 km². It is located at Stallarholmen, east of Strängnäs, and it has about 3,000 permanent residents. It is connected by a bridge to the mainland. It is the largest island in any lake in Sweden.

Spruce fir with three trunks at Åsa prehistoric burial ground at Selaön island

In the Heimskringla, Granmar, the king of Södermanland, was murdered on this island by Ingjald Illruler.


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