Sela (Saudi Arabia)

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  • سلع
  • Mount selae
Highest point
Coordinates 24°28′30″N 39°35′58″E / 24.47500°N 39.59944°E / 24.47500; 39.59944Coordinates: 24°28′30″N 39°35′58″E / 24.47500°N 39.59944°E / 24.47500; 39.59944
Location Medina, Saudi Arabia

Sela (Arabic: سلع‎‎) is a mountain in Medina in modern Saudi Arabia.

Mount selae in the "District of the Seven Mosques" in city of Medina Municipality in Saudi Arabia. Sela' means "sliced", because the mountain looks as if it is sliced several times.[1][2]

"The Prophet Muhammad in the "Battle of the Trench" prayed to God for victory on Mount Sela'. Mount Sela was mentioned by several Hadith of the stories of the Prophet such as The Prayer for Rain, The forgiveness of Ka'b b. malik.[3][4][5]

Sela is mentioned by Al-Hamdani in his book Geography of Arabian Peninsula as part of Medina city in his time 150 years after Muhammad.[6][7] His name and his companions Umar and Ali are inscribed on a stone on top of the mountain.[8][9][10][11]


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