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Selamat Sultan is the state anthem of Kelantan, Malaysia. Its melody was composed in 5 July 1927 by Haji Mohamed bin Mohamed Saaid (1888–1939), the Goa-born Bandmaster of the Kelantan Police Band who was ordered to have an instrumental song played for the then-Sultan of Kelantan, Ismail. Subsequently, the words were composed by Mahmood bin Hamzah (1893–1971), who was the State Secretary at that time.


Original Malay version[edit]

Lanjutkan usia Al-Sultan kami,
Sultan Kelantan raja ikrami,
Aman sentosa Tuhan sirami,
Kekal memerintah kami.
Kasih dan taat setia disembahkan,
Keriangan diucapkan,
Segala kebesaran Allah cucurkan,
Bertambah kemuliaan.

Translated English version[edit]

Prolonged be the life of our Sultan,
The divine Sultan of Kelantan,
In peace with God's blessing,
Forever rule us.
Love and loyalty we offer,
A wish of happiness we utter,
May Allah bless with greatness,
And his glory increase.

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