Selay Ghaffar

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Selay Ghaffar
سیلی غفار
Hillary Clinton with Afghan female politicians in 2011 (cropped).jpg
Ghaffar during a meeting with several other Afghan politicians and Hillary Clinton in 2011.
Personal details
Born (1983-10-05) 5 October 1983 (age 36)
Farah Province, Afghanistan
OccupationPolitical activist, Spokesperson for Solidarity Party of Afghanistan
Known forCriticism of the Afghan government and the presence of US-NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Selay Ghaffar (Pashto: سیلی غفار‎) was born on October 5, 1983 (13 mezan 1362) in Farah province in western Afghanistan. She is the daughter of a freedom fighter and left-wing intellectual. When she was 3-month old, her family fled Afghanistan to live as a refugee in neighboring Iran then Pakistan.[1] As she was born into an intellectual family she grew up with high motivation to always fight and struggle for the rights of devastated people. She was 13 when she started her career as a social activist to help Afghan children and women in refugee camps back in Pakistan.[2]

"I saw children who had no shoes and not enough food to eat and I saw women who were repeatedly subjected to domestic and sexual violence. And even though I was only 13, it was then that my “career” in humanitarian work really began." [3]

— Selay Ghaffar, August 11, 2011

Selay Ghaffar being a political and women’s rights activist served to work for many national and international human rights organizations. She was the director of Humanitarian Assistance for the women and children of Afghanistan (HAWCA) that was established in 1999 back in Pakistan. During the era of Taliban she was part of the group to establish literacy and science courses for girls and women in provinces such Nengarhar, laghman, Farah and Herat. During her career with HAWCA she managed to provide free education and health care for numbers of children and women in many provinces, provide legal aid and protection to female victims of violence, educating young girls leadership tools and worked at different levels for women’s human rights.[4]

She is always critical of government and all warlords. She always addressed the root cause behind the violation of rights of Afghan people. She is well known as a pro-active activist and this results on her active role in most of national and international conferences and events on Afghanistan like Bonn II, London conference and others where she had very critical speeches about the situation of Afghanistan. All this experience made her to actively being involved in politics as an opposition.[5]

As a spokespersons of Solidarity Party of Afghanistan she is well-known for being outspoken against US-NATO occupation and warlords.[6] In her TV debates she reveals the devilish policy of occupiers and their Afghan minions, disclose the crimes happening by the government and other local worlords on Afghan people, defend for the rights of women and ill-fated people and invite people for unity and solidarity.[7] In most of her TV debates as she provides facts and figures about the crimes which happened or are happening in the Jihadist party (link of HRW and AI about mujahedeen) who are part of the government system getting threaten.[8]


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