Selayar Strait

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Selayar Strait
Indonesian: Selat Selayar
Selayar Strait is located in Sulawesi
Selayar Strait
Selayar Strait
Sulawesi island and Selat Strait
Coordinates5°37′36″S 120°26′37″E / 5.62667°S 120.44361°E / -5.62667; 120.44361Coordinates: 5°37′36″S 120°26′37″E / 5.62667°S 120.44361°E / -5.62667; 120.44361
Basin countries Indonesia
ReferencesSelat Selayar: Indonesia National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Selayar Strait separates Selayar Island from Cape Bira of the main island South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. Within the strait lies Kambing Island and Pulau Pasitanete.[1] Ferry is operating between islands in Selayar Strait. [2]