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View of Stolmasundet strait with the fjord in the background.
Selbjørnsfjorden is located in Hordaland
Location in Hordaland county
Location Hordaland county, Norway
Coordinates 59°57′03″N 5°01′44″E / 59.9508°N 5.0289°E / 59.9508; 5.0289Coordinates: 59°57′03″N 5°01′44″E / 59.9508°N 5.0289°E / 59.9508; 5.0289
Primary inflows Langenuen
Primary outflows North Sea
Basin countries Norway
Max. length 20 kilometres (12 mi)
Max. width 8 kilometres (5.0 mi)
Islands Selbjørn, Stolmen, Stord

Selbjørnsfjorden is a fjord in Hordaland county, Norway. The 20-kilometre (12 mi) long fjord flows east-west between the municipalities of Austevoll, Fitjar, and Bømlo. It is a wide fjord that starts at the Slåtterøy Lighthouse at the North Sea in the west and flows to the strait of Langenuen in the east. The central part of the fjord reaches about 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) wide. The fjord is named after the nearby island of Selbjørn.[1][2]


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