Selecția Națională Eurovision 2007

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Selecţia Naţională Eurovision 2007 was the national competition organized by Romanian Television (TVR), to select the country's entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. The official winner of the selection was the group Locomondo and the multilingual song "Luibi, lubi, I love you".

The national final consisted of two semi-finals on 27 January and 3 February and a final on 10 February 2007. Twelve songs were to participate in each semi-final, with the top 6 qualifying for the final. The final result was decided by a 50/50 split between televoters and jury.

At first there were 24 participants, but Giulia Nahmany is being disqualified because her song 'Make It' has been stolen from the song 'Risin' of Natalia Druyts, a Belgian singer. In addition, the duo Indiggo was also disqualified from the competition along with the song "Lovestruck". The reason for this was because they broke the rules of the competition by not showing up for the rehearsals and not sending the instrumental version of their song. The duo also missed their music video filming for the promotion of their song, declaring that they had some concerts in the United States. Furthermore, their song "Lovestruck" was the subject of plagiarism accusations, but it was proven that these accusations were wrong.[1]

After a commission was formed by the organizers and 5 songs were analyzed (Nu pot sa uit, Liubi,liubi I love you, Dracula,my love, Well-o-wee and Sinada) the final decision was that three of the songs were to be disqualified because they were performed before 1 October which is not allowed by EBU rules. "Well-o-wee", "Dracula, My Love", and "Sinada" were disqualified from the competition before the final took place.[1] In addition to the disqualifications, producer/songwriter/performer, Marius Moga withdrew his "Crazy" in protest of the disqualification of his other song "Dracula, My Love".

Semi-Final 1–27 January[edit]

Singer Song
1 Morandi and Wassabi Crazy
2 Jasmine Music in my soul
3 Spitalul de urgenţă Stay united
4 Respect I will love you
5 Giulia Nahmany Make-it*
6 Daniela Răduică Nu insista
7 Desperado and Tony Poptămaş Where were you
8 New Effect feat. Moni-K Sinada
9 Todomondo Liubi, Liubi, I love you
10 Rednex featuring Ro-Mania Well-o-wee
11 Nico Dulce-amăruie
12 Gabi Huiban Rubber Girl
  • Song number 5 was disqualified since it was found guilty of plagiarism.

Semi-Final 2–3 February[edit]

Singer Song
1 Moni-K În lumea mea
2 Simplu & Andra Dracula, my love
3 Tibi Scobiola Nu pot să uit
4 Nico Love is all you need
5 Celia Şoapte
6 Ada You and me
7 Wassabi Do the tango with me
8 Desperado and Tony Poptămaş European - a beautiful sin
9 Indiggo Lovestruck
10 Ionut Ungureanu - Provincialii Time
11 Trupa Veche Deci 20
12 Marcel Pavel No poder vivir
  • Song number 9 was disqualified for breaking the rules of the competition.

Final - February 10[edit]

Singer Song Televote Jury Total Place
1 Nico Dulce-amăruie 6 4 10 6
2 Trupa Veche Deci 20 3 3 6 8
3 Morandi and Wassabi Crazy - - - -
4 Marcel Pavel No poder vivir 7 6 13 5
5 Desperado and Tony Poptămaş Where Were You 5 12 17 2
6 Tibi Scobiola Nu pot să uit 4 5 9 7
7 Rednex ft. Ro-Mania Well-o-wee - - - -
8 Simplu & Andra Dracula, my love - - - -
9 Todomondo Liubi, Liubi I Love You 12 10 22 1
10 Ionut Ungureanu - Provincialii Time 10 7 17 3
11 New Effect & Moni-k Sinada - - - -
12 Desperado and Tony Poptămaş European - a beautiful sin 8 8 16 4
  • Song 3 was withdrawn
  • Songs 7, 8, 11 were disqualified

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