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Select Model Management
Industry fashion
Founded 1977
Founder Clare Castagnetti
Chrissie Castagnetti
Tandy Anderson
Headquarters London, UK

Select Model Management is a modelling agency based in London. Founded and owned by Tandy Anderson and sisters Clare and Chrissie Castagnetti who opened the agency in 1977.[1] As of 2013, the agency represented 38 top-ranked models.[2][3]


In their early days, Select was one of the first modelling agencies to find models by "scouting" them on the street. They adopted that method of recruitment to quickly establish a client list and reputation.[3][4] In the 1980s, competitor agencies also used the technique to grow their businesses.[5]

For two seasons (in 2005 and 2006), Anderson served as a judge on Make Me a Supermodel[6] after which the winning competitors received a modelling contract with Select.[7] In 2011, the agency launched a mobile app to be used by prospective models.[8] In recent years, the company has also held "open calls" for prospective models.[9]


Some of the celebrities represented by the agency (past and present) include:

Fashion models[edit]

Models represented (past and present) include:


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