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DNA marked tool used for cable theft

SelectaDNA is a forensic property marking system used as part of crime prevention strategies for businesses and residential properties.[1]

One use is in protecting farm equipment; in the event that any items are stolen and recovered by Police, they are immediately traceable back to the individual farm. PCSP Chairman Alderman Robert Smith said: “Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon PCSP is happy to be part of this pilot project and to be able to provide some support to local farmers protect their property using SelectaDNA.[2]

Every marking kit and spray canister has a unique forensic DNA signature which is a series of combinations of A (Adenine), C (Cytosine), G (Guanine) and T (Thymine). The synthetic DNA used is short-chain, making it far more robust than human DNA.[citation needed]

The details of the code are recorded on a database so that a code found on an asset or person can be deciphered by a molecular genetic laboratory and identified back to a specific owner or location.


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