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Selecta Group is a European vending services operator. The company has over 4,000 employees, serving 5 million consumers every day through 150,000 point-of-sales. Selecta generates over €695 million in revenue.

Selecta has 250 offices in 18 countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Latvian, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK


In 1950, Joseph Jeger, a Swiss employee working in Basel, went on a business trip to the United States and saw his first vending machines in factories there. He thought it would be a great idea to put similar vending machines in the factory of the company he worked for. Spending all his savings, he ordered five machines from the US producer and was allowed to install them in the factory. Joseph Jeger’s employer is still a client of Selecta.

Factory workers used Jeger's machines day in and day out. The American machines were produced with American fittings making them expensive to maintain. To overcome this, Joseph rented a garage in his home town of Murten, hired his first employee and produced the first vending machine made in Switzerland. This vending machine was the first to carry the name Selecta. It was 1957.

Since then, Selecta has grown and expanded in Europe.


  • 1957 - Selecta is founded in Switzerland
  • 1985 - Selecta joins the Valora Group, in Switzerland
  • 1997 - Selecta floats on the Swiss Stock Exchange at CHF 515 million
  • 2001 - Compass Group acquires Selecta for CHF 1.35 billion
  • 2005 - Selecta introduces Balanced Options (a range of healthy eating options) into the vending market
  • 2007 - Selecta is purchased by Allianz Capital Partners at CHF 1.80 billion
  • 2009 - Selecta introduces its own coffee brand, miofino
  • 2015 - Selecta is purchased by KKR

Along the way many local companies such as SAFAA (France), Vendepac (UK), SAG (CH), Canteen (Sweden) and Olland (NL)and Go Express SpA has become part of the Selecta Group.

Business segments[edit]

Private and semi-public areas: Business and industry, government, education, healthcare, leisure.

Public areas: Railway stations and trains, underground stations, petrol stations, airports, shopping centers.

Public and private vending[edit]

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