Selected Stories

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First edition

Selected Stories is a volume of short stories by Alice Munro, published by McClelland and Stewart in 1996. It collects stories from her eight previously published books.


  • "Walker Brothers Cowboy"
  • "Dance of the Happy Shades"
  • "Postcard"
  • "Images"
  • "Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You"
  • "The Ottawa Valley"
  • "Material"
  • "Royal Beatings"
  • "Wild Swans"
  • "The Beggar Maid"
  • "Simon's Luck"
  • "Chaddeleys and Flemings I: The Connection"
  • "Chaddeleys and Flemings II: The Stone in the Field"
  • "Dulse"
  • "The Turkey Season"
  • "Labor Day Dinner"
  • "The Moons of Jupiter"
  • "The Progress of Love"
  • "Lichen"
  • "Miles City, Montana"
  • "White Dump"
  • "Fits"
  • "Friend of My Youth"
  • "Meneseteung"
  • "Differently"
  • "Carried Away"
  • "The Albanian Virgin"
  • "A Wilderness Station"
  • "Vandals"