Selena Tan

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Selena Tan
Origin Singapore
Born  Singapore
Occupation Executive producer, director, writer and performer
Spouse(s) John Pok
Children 1 son

Selena Tan is a Singaporean executive producer, director, writer and performer. She is best known as one of the cabaret trio, the Dim Sum Dollies.[1][2] In 2000, Tan founded Dream Academy, a for-profit organisation which has since produced a variety of locally flavoured shows.

Early life[edit]

Selena Tan studied at Fairfield Methodist Secondary School, Raffles Junior College and graduated with a law degree from National University of Singapore.

She started acting at age 14 and was taught by the late theatre actress and director Christina Sergeant.[3]

Tan also appeared in school productions and community theatre pieces until her undergraduate years. She also acted in plays and performances while working full-time as a general litigation lawyer.[4]


Tan left the legal profession in 1997 to fully immerse herself in the local arts and entertainment scene. She decided to venture full-time into acting and comedy as she loves to make people laugh.[5]

In 1998, Tan staged her own standup with Selena Exposed! [6] Theatre company Action Theatre subsequently restaged Selena Exposed! for its comedy festival in 1999 and reinterpreted her piece as Broadway Baby Kailan. Dr Low Guat Tin, then a teacher-trainer director with the National Institute of Education (NIE), was so impressed with Tan's performance in Broadway Baby Kailan that she invited Tan to stage a show for Teachers' Day – The Other Side of the Teacher's Table. The three-night show enjoyed mild success.[7]

In 2000, Tan utilised her life savings to set up Dream Academy, an independent arts and entertainment company. Dream Academy has since produced the Crazy Christmas series, Happy Ever Laughter, Broadway Beng, Meenah and Cheenah, The Hossan Leong Show, Kumar's standup comedies at the Esplanade and of course the Dim Sum Dollies.[8]


Movies and TV appearances[edit]

Plays written[edit]

  • Selena Exposed! (1998)
  • Broadway Baby Kailan (1998)
  • The 2nd Broadway Baby Kailan (1999)
  • The Other Side of the Teacher's Table (1999)


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