Self-adhering bandage

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A self-adhering bandage or cohesive bandage is a type of bandage or wrap that coheres to itself, but does not adhere well to other surfaces.

Because of this, it is commonly used as a wrap on limbs, since it will stick to itself and not loosen. It is used on humans, but also commonly used as a wrap on the legs of livestock because it will not stick to hair, so it is easily removed.


  • Vetrap – 3M brand name product.
  • Co-Flex - Cohesive bandage. Andover brand name product
  • PetFlex - Cohesive bandage, fun prints and colors. Andover brand name product
  • PowerFlex Equine - Cohesive bandage, fun prints and colors, high abrasion resistance. Andover brand name product
  • Coban Self-Adherent Wrap – 3M brand name product
  • Pet Wrap – Brampton brand name product
  • Secure-Flex Wrap – Johnson & Johnson brand name product (for human use)
  • Copoly - Cohesive bandages

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