Self-loading rifle

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Self-loading rifle or autoloading rifle may refer to:

  • Any rifle with action capable of automatically ejecting the used cartridge and rechambering the next round after each firing, including;
    • Semi-automatic rifle, a type of firearm which fires a single shot with the pull of a trigger, and uses the energy of that shot to chamber the next round
    • Automatic rifle, a firearm that automatically loads and fires rounds, through the bullet's energy, as long as its trigger is held down.
    • Selective-fire rifle, e.g. assault rifle, that is capable of switching between semi-automatic, fully automatic and/or burst fire mode of operation
  • L1A1 SLR (Self-Loading Rifle), a variant of the FN FAL rifle used by the Commonwealth of Nations from the 1950s to the 1980s.
  • SLR-95 Bulgarian self-loading rifle, a variant of the AK47. Also known as SLR. It has a twenty-round mag and has effective range up to 400 meters.