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Self-service software vendors is a subset within the self-service software category which highlights a range of software vendors that specialize in the knowledgement management, decision support, expert systems, business process management (BPM), rule and logic engines and taxonomies.

Self-service software vendors[edit]

Self-service software vendors allows authors (typically subject matter experts or agents) to readily automate the deployment of, the timeliness of and compliance around a variety of processes of which they are involved in communicating without having to physically address the questions, needs and solicitations of end users who are inquiring about the particular process being automated.

Most self-service software addresses "closed-loop" inquiries whereby the author emulates a variety of known (finite) questions and related (known) responses on hand or required steps that must be addressed to derive and deliver a final answer or directive. Often the author using such software codifies such known processes and steps and then generates (publishes) end-user facing applications which can encompass a variety of code bases and platforms.

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