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George debut.jpg
EP by George
Released 1998
Genre Rock music
George chronology
You Can Take What's Mine

Self-titled/Homebrew, often simply known as George, was the first CD release from Brisbane band George. The band was formed in 1996 for a music contest and as it had finally broken down from a larger-pieced band to a five-piece band, their debut extended play was created in 1998.[1] The band then included siblings Katie and Ty Noonan, Geoff Green, Geoff Hooton and Nick Stewart. The EP included four songs, Katie and Tyrone writing two each. The complete EP was also featured on George's DVD documentary Polyserena in Bloom as an easter egg.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Homebrew" – Katie Noonan
  2. "Bar Scene part one" – Ty Noonan
  3. "Sellout" – Katie Noonan
  4. "Cry" – Ty Noonan


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