Self Aid Buddy Care Training (SABC)

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Self Aid Buddy Care (SABC) is training of the United States Air Force (USAF)

SABC encompasses basic life support and limb-saving techniques to help wounded or injured personnel survive in medical emergencies until medical help is available.[1] SABC training is completed every 24 months (at a minimum) and is administered to Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve USAF (AF) personnel. SABC training consists of an online computer-based training (CBT) course and hands-on skill verification through SABC instruction in accordance with AFI-36-2238, and AFI 36-2218VI [2] respectively.


The topics of SABC training encompass administrative overview, anatomy and physiology, communicable diseases/universal precautions, airway management, recognition and control of bleeding, shock management, dressings, bandaging, fractures, splinting, nerve agent/chemical environment, heat/cold related injuries, burn injuries, psychological injuries, victim assessment, triage, and patient transportation/litter movement. The course requires AF personnel to complete the online Computer Based Training (CBT) Portion within 60 days before hands-on training can be completed.[3]


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