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Parent company Metro Media Ltd
Founded 2007
Country of origin United Kingdom
Headquarters location London
Distribution Abrams Books (US)
Canadian Manda Group (Canada)
Abrams & Chronicle Books (UK)
Thames & Hudson (Australia)[1]
Key people Emma Hayley
Fiction genres Graphic novels
Imprints Manga Shakespeare
Eye Classics
Crime Classics
Graphic Biography
Official website

SelfMadeHero is a British graphic novel and manga publishing company, and imprint of Metro Media Ltd, who specialise in adapting works of literature. The company received the 2011 Kitschies Black Tentacle award.[2]


They launched with two lines in 2007:

  • Manga Shakespeare produces works based on the Bard but with different settings - mainly Japan in the past and future[3]
  • Eye Classics are adaptations of great classic works, like those of Poe and Kafka

In 2009 SelfMadeHero expanded to include:

  • Sherlock Holmes series: including Hound of the Baskervilles and Study in Scarlet.
  • Graphic Biography: launched in October 2009 with Johnny Cash: I See a Darkness The series tells the fascinating life stories of both public and private figures. It includes era-defining pop-culture icons such as Johnny Cash and Hunter S. Thompson.

In 2010 SelfMadeHero expand to include:

  • Gift Books: featuring 'beautifully produced, non-fiction titles based on iconic cartoon and comic book characters'.

For the moment the adaptations will be the main focus for publications, but director Emma Hayley has said they hope to publish original material in the future.[4]

Manga Shakespeare[edit]

The adaptations of Shakespeare's plays were made by Richard Appignanesi (who previously worked on Icon Books' Introducing... series), with the art created by UK-based manga artist who have come to prominence via Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga (United Kingdom & Ireland) competition, their work for Sweatdrop Studios or London manga collective Umisen Yamisen.

Eye Classics[edit]

The creators are drawn from a British comic background (in particular Nevermore) but also include screenwriters and more traditional artists.

Crime Classics[edit]

The Crime Classics line began with set of four adaptations of the Arthur Conan Doyle stories, adapted by Ian Edginton, with art by I. N. J. Culbard:

Rachel Cooke reviewed A Study in Scarlet for The Observer and concluded:

It also includes an adaptation of The Hot Rock by Donald E. Westlake, the first in the series of books that feature John Dortmunder.

Graphic Biography[edit]

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