Seli, Rae Parish

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Seli is located in Estonia
Location in Estonia
Coordinates: 59°20′01″N 25°00′19″E / 59.33361°N 25.00528°E / 59.33361; 25.00528Coordinates: 59°20′01″N 25°00′19″E / 59.33361°N 25.00528°E / 59.33361; 25.00528
Country Estonia
County Harju County
Municipality Rae Parish
Population (01.01.2010[1])
 • Total 24

Seli (sometimes called also as Selimäe, literally Hill of Seli) is a village in Rae Parish, Harju County in northern Estonia. It is a 3.5 kilometres long chain-like village along VaidaPajupea road (road nr 11201). Seli has a population of 24 (as of 1 January 2010).[1]

The administrative territory of the village includes Lake Limu, and eastern border of the village goes along Leivajõgi River. The latters are connected with a 1 kilometre long Trummi ditch.

At the Vaida side of the village Kiviluks Ltd operates Seli gravel mine. Because of this many artificial ponds have been created.

On an 1844-issued map Generalcharte von Ehstland the village has been shown as Sellimae. On an 1881-issued map Karte von Ehstland the place has been shown as Selli. In 1883 issued one of the first Estonian language map Eestimaa kaart (issued by Olevik newspaper) shows the name of the village also as Selli.


Year 2003 2008 2009
Population 13 22 23


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