Selim Erdoğan

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Selim Erdoğan
Selim Erdogan.jpg
Born 1962
Elazığ, Turkey
Occupation Poet
Nationality Turkish

Selim Erdoğan (born 1962 in Elazığ) is a Turkish poet. With parents originally from Malatya, he nevertheless had all his life and schooling experience in Elazığ, the neighboring town, where his father had a job, including higher education at Elazığ's Fırat University, Faculty of Engineering. Upon graduation, he became a public employee, and, after a brief spell in Ankara, he chose to return to Elazığ, where he continued to work at the regional section of the same government office, the job he still holds. He is married, with three children.

The early pieces of poetry by Erdoğan appeared in Aylık Dergi, published in Ankara, from 1982. Subsequently he published poems and, more recently, short stories, in many literary outlets such as İkindi Yazıları, Albatros, Mavera, Kayıtlar, Hece, Dergah, Edebiyat Ortamı, and Külliye. Sis (2005) is a selection of his poems.



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