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Dr. Selim Hassan (1887-1961)

Selim Hassan (سليم حسن Arabic)(1887–1961) was an Egyptian Egyptologist. He wrote the 16-volume Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt in Arabic and supervised the excavation of many ancient Egyptian tombs under the auspices of Cairo University.[1]


Selim Hassan excavated in several seasons the Central Field at Giza.[2] He found and recorded many mastabas and discovered several undisturbed tombs. The results of his excavations were published in ten volumes. From about five missions working and excavating the cemeteries at Giza his work is regarded for science the most important one. George Reisner, working at the same cemetery published only little of his results. Hermann Junker, also working at Giza, concentrated in his publication very much on architecture with long chapters better placed in articles on different subjects, but not on his finds. The publications of Selim Hassan concentrates on the find and the archaeology, including the pottery found, often only just mentioned by Junker.[3]

Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt[edit]

The Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt is considered the definitive historical reference for Ancient Egypt. Hassan wrote it in Arabic and worked on it for most of his life. The first volume is entitled "From Prehistory to the End of the Ahnasy Era."


  • Excavations at Giza
  • The Sphinx: Its History in the Light of Recent Excavations
  • Excavations at Saqqara, 1937-1938 / by Selim Hassan ; re-edited by Zaky Iskander.
  • The Great Pyramid of Khufu and its Mortuary Chapel: with names and titles vols. I-X of the excavations at Giza / by Selim Hassan.

Translated works[edit]

  • The dawn of conscience. Arabic. 1956
  • Fajr al-ḍamīr [manuscript] / taʼlīf Jaymis Hanrī Baristid ; tarjamat Salīm Ḥasan.


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